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Dog Rescue Organisation

Dog Rescue Organization, based in the state of Haryana (Yamuna Nagar), is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of stray dogs. The founders are a group of people who are passionate & compassionate towards animal welfare and wish to make a difference in the lives of Street Dogs.
We established DRO with the goal to control increasing population of dogs in order to control Rabbies disease which occurs due to dog bite, to prevent ill treatment and Cruelty against Stray dogs specially fatal accidents and to provide a proper management of sheltering, Medical treatments and rescue of stray dogs.
Our Inspiration to work for the welfare of these voiceless souls is derived from the countless incidents that we witnessed be it acid attack on pregnant female dogs, death from mercilessly beating, death from hunger, road accidents,

increasing number of stray and abandoned pet dogs & what not, We at DRO believe its our Fundamental Duty to feel pain of the helpless and do our bit.
DRO is a community-based organisation, because we do not get any regular government funding, we rely exclusively on volunteers and community donations, to provide crucial financial support for the shelter.
Being the pioneers, DRO has faced umpteen challenges in creating awareness and transforming societies perception towards the dire condition of stray dogs. Prior to the establishment of DRO, street dogs were regarded as a nuisance that must be eradicated using inhumane methods. In the city, there was no animal control hotline or officers to capture and transport wounded or stray animals.
DRO tackled these challenges using an array of approaches:

  1. In the beginning, we started by treatment of injured dogs on road because there was no treatment facility in the city because no one was ready to lend the land. Now, with our continuous efforts and spreading awareness, society’s perception has started to change and we have a rented shelter home to treat injured dogs which serves as a home to paralyzed and blind dogs.
  2. Another challenge we faced was the transportation to migrate the dogs for treatment. For which we ultimately used our own personal vehicle as no one in local administration entertained our requests. This motivated us to initiate a contact with the fire brigade to help rescue the dogs (our last resort) which opened the doors for other animal organizations too.
  3. Prior to our founding, no radiologist would see a pet owner if their dog was sick and needed an X-ray or blood test, thus making these animals homeless. Almost all radiologists now provide these services as a result of our stringent efforts and a variety of public awareness activities.
  4. We initiated awareness camps to educate people regarding rabies, sterilization awareness, delivered workshops in school and colleges, started feeding programs and most importantly we changed the culture from animosity to love towards stray dogs.
    5. The biggest challenge which we overcame was the acceptance of the society.

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